Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes…we talk ourselves out of the very thing we NEED. As a Forever Miss Kentucky (1995), I was invited to facilitate the on-stage interview portion of the “pageant” last June. Here I am with the lovely Katie Bouchard, @missamericaky (photo credit: Ryan Kendall)

I almost didn’t accept this wonderful opportunity. I worried about how I would LOOK (the weight), I worried about connecting with others who had married and had FAMILIES (I have an amazing husband, but we’d had three miscarriages), I worried about what I would actually WEAR (NOTHING in my closet – thank GOD for @missprissgowns )!

Once I stopped focusing on ME and started focusing on the program of @missamerica and how I could SERVE these young women…all my silly FEARS went out the window. And, frankly, I rocked it.

I was doing something that I hadn’t done in a long time, but it was like riding a bike. I was in my ZONE and it felt amazing. It also lit a fire under me to RAISE my game. I had forgotten what I was capable of.

These young women reminded me; by showcasing their talents and speaking boldly of their dedication to service. I am so grateful for the scholarships I earned 23 years ago…but I am even more grateful to be an active part of the program again; serving as a Foundation Board Member. Sometimes, it’s not about you.

WHAT could you accomplish if you got out of your own head? HOW could you serve in a greater capacity for something you care about? WHERE would you travel if you stopped being so afraid? There’s the LIFE you’re LIVING and the LIFE you LONG for…WHAT’S holding you back? WHOSE permission are you waiting for? Let’s talk about it…Contact me for a free consultation. ❤️

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