Why work with me?

I’ve learned a great deal from working on myself to heal past hurts and shape current thinking to CREATE the LIFE that I WANT to LIVE.
I coach women because I genuinely care about ALL OF US rising up to our FULL potential; expanding our expression of WHO WE ARE, and EMBRACING our full range of EMOTIONS – not being CONTROLLED by them. There’s a HUGE difference.
I survived the awkwardness of my teens, the heartbreak of my twenties (oh, the angst!), the bad decisions of my thirties, and…in my forties I found great love (my husband) and suffered great loss (three miscarriages).
All of that – good, bad, or ugly – has shaped me.
Additionally, I’ve accomplished some pretty wonderful things in my life and had some tremendous experiences which give me a unique perspective to coach from. I know how to set a goal and get there. Some of them are listed below:
  • Member of Screen Actors Guild since 1997
  • Degrees in Theatre & Radio-Television
  • Billboard Magazine Award for Best On-Air Personality, Small Market
  • Miss Kentucky America 1995 — Winner of the Konica Award for Pursuit of the Arts at the nationally televised Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, NJ
  • Miss Kentucky Teen USA — 1st Runner-up to Miss Teen USA (also nationally televised)
  • Experienced in national television and print ads; as well as professional radio, tv, and theatre productions
  • Facilitator/Speaker/Product Specialist for Jaguar Cars, Land Rover, and Lincoln in the North American Auto Show Circuit
  • Former Show Host for Shop at Home Network
  • Published writer — featured in Churchill Downs Magazine, The Voice-Tribune, nFocus, Underwired, TOPS Louisville, and Southern New England Woman
  • Published on THRIVE Global
  • Co-writer of one feature length screenplay
The question I would ask you is…WHAT DO YOU WANT?
Like, really, truly WANT for YOURSELF?
What’s getting in your way?
Why don’t you have it already?
New RESULTS require new THINKING. You’re like Dorothy and those infamous ruby slippers…You already have the tools. I can show you how to use them.
Let’s do this TOGETHER.
Whose PERMISSION are you waiting for?
Big Love and Big Dreams,